“Hearts and Minds (Reclaiming the soul of science and medicine) will be available through Lindisfarne Press in September.

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My primary activity in 25+ years of medical journalism has been to cover major medical meetings across a broad spectrum of specialties and then to report for a physician and pharmacist audience on the latest clinical research in print and online publications. As a craftsman, my formula has been to tell the story directly, accurately and as simply as possible (although as Einstein warned, “but no simpler!”).
Beyond turning meeting coverage into news and feature articles, I have produced white papers, research papers, editorials, competitive intelligence reports, press releases, in-depth clinical area surveys, video scripts and interviews, and books. My skill set derives from beginnings as a fiction writer (tell the story), experience as a teacher (ensure that it is understood), and wide interest in the challenges along the path leading from scientific discovery to delivery of genuinely effective healing strategies and substances (make it engaging).
My writing career began with publication of short stories leading to a major writing fellowship. That was followed by a 20-year stretch as a high school English teacher with concentration on creative writing and journalism. I left the classroom to join my abiding interest in science and medicine with a wish to do the writing myself again, launching the medical writing career that I still enjoy. My focus since has been the forefronts of both conventional medicine and integrative healthcare.